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I have published many articles on my blog.  Many of the readers have left feedback about my articles.  Here is a selection of their reviews, from my blog.


Article Title: Final Submission.    Published January 2019.


Review By:  'MamaB'.    January 2019.


"Dean.. I love your blogs and find your work extremely easy to read as it flows naturally.. I                         eagerly look forward to your future works.. keep up the good work & congratulations                              from a fan." 


Article Title: Pick Your Fights Wisely.    Published November 2018.


Review By:  'Phil Pace'.    November 2018.


"Dean, I find your article very interesting, informative and very credible. ...a profound                                thank you for writing this article because it needed to be said."


Article Title: Ringing the Bells of Change.    Published September 2018.


Review By:  'Malcolm Cocker'.    September 2018.


"Very well written Dean..."


Article Title: Keep It Real.    Published May 2018.


Review By:  'kamanjah'.    August 2018.


"I think one of the hardest things in a mixed support group is disussing sexual                                           relationships. PD is hard on both the pwp and the partner. Discussing intimacy is difficult                         at best.... Thanks for this post." 


Article Title: Morning Has Broken.    Published April 2018.


Review By:  'swoosieq'.    June 2018.


"...thank you so much for your informative blog!" 


Article Title: I Virtually Did.    Published March 2018.


Review By:   'GeeJen'.    March 2018.


"Very interesting!"


Article Title: It Only Gets Worse.    Published February 2018.


Review By:  'celestegosch'.    February 2018.


"Absolutely brilliant, Dean. An insightful piece of writing and extremely moving."


Article Title: Life's Leafy Pathway.    Published February 2018.


Review By:   'Kim Edwards'.    February 2018.


"Beautifully tender piece of writing.... It’s a lovely poem". 


Article Title:  Fictitious Identity.    Published February 2018.


Review By:   'Jess Carey'.    February 2018.


"I love that even someone who’s been writing for as long as you can still see the value in                          continuing to learn about the craft! And I love the diversity of your goals – I think that’s                           brilliant to try a bit of everything! Good luck!"


Article Title: When Identity is Withdrawn.    Published February 2018.


Review By:   'pinklightsabre'.    February 2018.


"Identity is such a fascinating topic to dig into. I like that you offer guidance from both a                          place of experiencing it yourself (your challenges) and also your profession, to                                           understand and help your patients heal. It’s a really powerful combination of empathy                             and insight/training/experience, and with your writing and presenting it clearly it’s a                                 great service you’re offering Dean. Good stuff."


Article Title: Parkinson's is a Moonwalk.    Published January 2018.


Review By:  'Phil Pace'.    November 2018.


"Very good article with a very important message. The word absolutely needs to be                                  spread. No person with Parkinson’s should try to go it alone. Support is essential."


Review By:  'Godgrantmetheserenity29145753'.    January 2018.


"Thank you for this. I am a new diagnosis at 46 and a woman. With 2 kids still at home.                             Newly divorced with no family left (although my friends have stepped in to fill that role                            quite well). Venturing into this alone. Talk about uncharted territory!! Thank you for your                          words and work."


Article Title: It's Worry O'Clock.    Published January 2018.


Review By:  'pinklightsabre'.    January 2018.


"Thank you Dean, very clear and good advice. In fact, I need something like this to help                            our 12-year-old daughter and I’m going to ask her to read it, thanks for sharing! Happy                           new year."


Article Title: Festive Tears on Standby.    Published December 2017.


Review By:   'Jane Williams'.    December 2017.


"Wisdom from a wise man. Thank you, Dean."


Article Title: Parkinson's and Day-to-Day Stress.    Published December 2017.


Review By:  'Diane'.    December 2017.


"Dean, another thought provoking article. It is often the small things that clutter our lives                         and stop us dealing with the really important stuff. (What is the worst that can happen if I                         don’t clean the house today?   It reminded me of the story of why Bill Gates always wore                         a black turtle neck and blue jeans."


Article Title: Set Apart.    Published November 2017.


Review By:   'Anna'.    November 2017.


"You share so much kindness, healing and hope, I wish I could reflect some of it back to                           you like a mirror."


Review By:   'Diane'.    November 2017.


"Very thought provoking."


Article Title: Unhelpful Mind Reading.    Published November 2017.


Review By:   'Nat'.    November 2017.


"This is so interesting to read about psychotherapy from your perspective as a                                           professional in the field. I enjoyed your insight on the topic of mind reading and low self                         esteem, which are two things I was in therapy for in the past. Sometimes I still do try to                             be a mind reader although I am aware what I assume other people are thinking about                             me is not actually true. It used to be that I would believe, without a doubt, that my                                   perception of what people think of me was reality. Now I can see outside of that scope                             but it’s something I need to keep working on. Kind of like rehardwiring my brain."


Article Title: A Societal View of Tess.    Published November 2017.


Review By:   'pinklightsabre'.    November 2017.


"Good for you Dean, sharing your insights into some classic English literature. I acted in a                        play in the 90s whose character riffs off this story but I don’t believe I read it, even though                        I studied writing/literature throughout college. I’ll confess there was a good semester or                          two of writing from this era that is all a blur; I was likely not developed enough as a                                  reader to enjoy it, or it wasn’t shared in an enjoyable fashion by my professors (or                                    combination, ‘all of the above’). I’ve gone back to Joyce’s “Dubliners” the past few weeks,                        in search of anything that will work to give my writing some inspiration. And his writing,                          his style/subjects…is not for everyone. Sounds like your time here with Hardy was good,                          Good on you for sharing!"


Article Title: Regain Control.    Published September 2017.


Review By:   'Lesley Sherlock'.    September 2017.


"Excellent advice."


Article Title: The Brown Envelope.    Published September 2017.


Review By:   'Diane'.    September 2017.


"Bill says it much more succinctly than I can.  You have captured the moment perfectly, it                         is very poignant. You have a gift in the first few sentences that makes me want to read to                         the end."


Review By:   'pinklightsabre'.    September 2017.


"That’s a great vignette Dean, nicely told and poignant, but with a positive spirit I’ve                                 come to admire and hear in your writing voice. I saw that loss of independence in my                               grandfather when he stopped driving and it’s true, how much a part of our identity it is,                           how we take it for granted. Your spirit is strong and may that keep you smiling and                                   positive for decades of happy driving to come!"


Article Title: Opportunity from Adversity.    Published September 2017.


Review By:   'Diane'.    September 2017.


"Thank you for an honest, thought provoking blog that inspired me to take some action                          of my own!"


Article Title: Pater.    Published September 2017.


Review By:  'beataboutthebushblog'.    September 2017.


"You can stop that right now – I don’t need you to be better at poetry than me – just do                           your writing – well done was fab!!!"


Article Title: The First Day.    Published June 2017.


Review By:   'JereomyFaber'    February 2018.


"I was 44 last year, when I was diagnosed. I had almost the exact same experiences, with                           the long drawn out non-conclusions. Thank you for sharing your experiences…there is                             without a doubt a feeling of vindication when you finally get a diagnosis that makes                                 sense. Unfortunately for me, it was followed by a feeling of why couldn’t I have seen this                         earlier, as it just fit all this time."


Review By:   'GeeJen'.    June 2017.


"I can’t comprehend the journey you have been on, or now beginning but thank you for                           sharing your reflections of this big momentous day."


Article Title: A Fond Farewell.     Published April 2017.


Review By:   'TheBorderBetween'.    April 2017.


"Very helpful post, thank you."


Review By:   'Trish Dent'.    April 2017.


"Fabulous little article, so true and important not to forget."


Article Title: Stick at It.    Published March 2017.


Review By:   'Debbie'.    March 2017.


"Just read your recent article and think you’re spot on. Although I haven’t had to manage                         the illnesses that you do, or experienced the health difficulties that you endure, I can                                 relate so much to your point on recognising and accepting an “aid” when needed. That                           aid, in your case is your walking stick, for others it could be virtually anything. But I                                   believe the psychology is the same. You’re right, it’s our ego that can prevent us from                               accepting that help. The help that may be a crucial catalyst to positive change in                                       whatever we’re dealing and living with. But we don’t always see that. Again, you highlight                         how you (we) don’t criticise, or judge others for using, or accepting the need to use an                             aid, yet we can put ourselves through so much in order to deprive ourselves of this help.                         There are several examples that immediately spring to mind in my own circumstances                               where I have done the exact same thing; resisted aid to my own detriment. I am just in                             the process of recognising that, mainly when speaking with others and noticing how I am                         far more supportive of their need than I ever am of my own. Your article has helped                                 consolidate these thoughts into a more concise understanding. What you’ve written                                 applies to many situations and cases and I think you will help many people by it."


Article Title: Anxiety - From Foe to Friend.    Published February 2017.


Review By:   'pinklightsabre'.    February 2017.


"I like the notion that it has something to teach, as you would think everything does we                            experience, to get inside the root cause of it. But too true, we move to deaden or                                      remove…to medicate. I like your approach Dean, it’s good. Thanks for sharing." 


Article Title: Kangaroo Hops.    Published February 2017.


Review By:  'AnaLuciaSilva'.    February 2017.


"Beautiful =)"


Article Title: Plan Your Way Out of Winter Blues.    Published September 2016.


Review By:   'The Daily Dibber'.    September 2016.


"Hi Dean, Great post, also Vitamin D levels can contribute, I work out side and recently                             discovered I was badly Vit D deficient. A simple blood test can determine whether you                             need supplements."


Article Title: Techniques for Talking.    Published September 2016.


Review By:   'Celia'.    May 2018.


"I like this. We spend so long being brave we don’t take the time to appreciate the fight                           we have for ourselves."


Article Title: At the Waterfront.    Published June 2016.


Review By:  'JojoRolph'.    June 2016.


"Thanks for your more positive view of my home town. You are absolutely right when you                        say that you have to look up to see the many interesting and historic buildings. A good                           blog post!"


Article Title: Reflective Thinking in Action.    Published May 2016.


Review By:   'Tammy'.    February 2018.


"Thanks for sharing such an inspirational story into your life! I look forward to growing as                         a writer myself. You have truly inspired me to pick back up on my writing!"


Article Title: Tonight Our Friend May Die.    Published: April 2016.


Review By:   'Debbie'.    May 2016.


"Dean, That is one of the most beautiful pieces of writing I have read. It has touched me                           deeply. Your words keep your friend eternal."          


Article Title: Continuing Bonds.    Published: April 2016.


Review By:   'Sue Finlay'.    September 2018.


"Once again thank you for your insite Dean. I forward this message to my daughters who                         are struggling with the loss of there father, each in their own way."


Review By:   'Lucy'.    April 2016.


"Great blog Dean, I completely relate to this. When my Grandad passed and the imediate                         grief lessened I found myself left with the feeling that now he could see the “real me” –                           the parts that I withheld on visits, that he would be disappointed in what he saw. That his                         love for me would lessen. Whilst this feeling still overwhelms me at times when I am not                           proud of something I have done, it is the bond that we had that helps me see that he                               probably guessed my flaws whilst he was alive and loved me anyway……I hope!
True love outlives death, nothing has changed but his physical presence. —but his hugs                           were the best!!"


Review By:   'tlohuis'.    April 2016.


"Thank you so much for sharing this…  I just lost my best friend, unexpectedly, last                                    Friday. I am so sad, so shocked……………..not knowing how I’m going to go on without                               her. We were both sick and we got through everything together. Now, she’s just gone.                             Gone, in the blink of an eye. This post brings me great comfort and a new way at looking                         at death and the departed. After I am done being so damn sad, I will definitely try to do                           this."


Article Title: From Sheep to Theatreland .    Published: April 2016.


Review By:   'Debbie'.    April 2016.


"A wonderfully descriptive and enjoyable read. I visited London myself recently and feel                            like you just took me back there for a moment as I read this. Thank you for that! Also for                          the gentle reminder on Reducing anxiety by keeping in the present".


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