Writing Services

I am a Freelance Writer.  I offer:


  • Articles for magazines, radio, newspapers and online sites.
  • Fictitious plays and short stories for radio, poodcast and publications.
  • Columnist for regular magazines, newspapers and online sites.
  • Biographical writing.


I am also currently writing for my own self-publishing projects as follows:


  • A novel.
  • Short stories.
  • A book of poetry.
  • Self-help therapy books.
  • Plays for radio broadcast.

Available for Commission. 


If you have an interest in my work, my experience or my opinion and you would like to invite me to write for you or speak at an event, please contact me using the 'Contact Form' page of this web site.  (Charitable acivity considered).


You will find details about some of my publications in the menu option entitled 'Publications'.



By: Lorna Bailey; Therapist in Blaxhall; Suffolk, in England.  


"He (Dean) is a really skilled Writer, who is lighting a beacon for those affected by Parkinson's, through his blog posts and other written works.  It is my humble belief that one day his books will be shaping and contributing to our medical/therapeutic "must read lists", because he is not only very knowledgable but emobodies his own truth - he leads from his heart with courage, empathy, humour and deep compassion; qualities our world needs more than ever."


By Tracy White, Founder of 'Parkinson's Road' global support community.  Leicestershire, England.


"Dean writes many articles for Parkinson's Road (as our Writer).  I find them extremely helpful, very interesting, easy to follow and well received by members.  I enjoy and look forward to reading more from Dean."

By Lucy Ferguson; Psychotherapist in Woodbridge, Suffolk, in England.


"I always enjoy reading his (Dean's) blogs and articles on a wide variety of topics and current issues, from wellbeing and health to his own specific experiences and the world around us. They are insightful, open-minded and thought provoking.  Keep writing Dean!"

For Confidential Support:

You can reach Dean on:

Tel: 07714 308 286


You can also use our

contact form.

Your Views

Thank you for visiting my web site. I am always interested to hear your views and ideas about how I may further develop this site and my services.  Please feel free to phone me or to contact me via the 'Contact Form' page, with your suggestions and feedback.

Thank you,

Dean Parsons. 

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