What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness traces its origins in the traditions of Buddhism. The aim of Mindfulness practice is to create an integrated mind and body and to experience the present moment free from judgement, through acceptance.


In life, we may become stressed or we may even develop the symptoms of physical or emotional unwellness through emotional turmoil.  Mindfulness teaches us to experience our present moment without excessive reaction.  It helps us to live in the present moment, rather than dwell on the pains of the past or the anxieties about the future.  Mindfulness is not about being calm, it is about peacefulness in our responses through letting go of judgements and beliefs that feed negative thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours.  Mindfulness helps us to better understand, and relate to, our physical and emotional senses.

Do I Need Any Equipment?

The beauty of Mindfulness is that you can practice it anywhere and at any time, without the need for any tools or equipment.  


What you will need is to commit to Mindfulness practice as a regular part of your life.  Set aside some time for Mindfulness practice as often as you can.  It doesn't have to be daily, but it does need to be a feature within your life.

Do I Need to Know How to Meditate?

In taking up Mindfulness sessions with Dean, you will be taught the basics of how to meditate.  You do not need to have this knowledge before you attend Mindfulness sessions. 

What Are the Benefits of Mindfulness?

There are many benefits to mindfulness.  Through Mindful practice, itself, you will develop your ability to meditate.  You will develop your observational skills and you will increase your tendency towards kind thoughts about yourself and others.  You will enhance your relationship with the environment, lower your stress levels and you will learn to better focus your mind.


You will find your emotions better regulated, your attitude will improve and your anxieties will reduce.  You will learn to relax more easily, to sleep better and you will gain improved insight and understanding into yourself.  


You may also find that you are more ready to be playful and to have fun.  You may find your concentration levels improve and some people even describe a greater tendency toward creative activities and arts.  


With Mindfulness practice, you can develop improved responses to the things you experience in any given moment and, by increasing the activity of the pre-frontal-cortex area of the brain, you can help reduce depressive feelings; for this area of the brain is less active when we are depressed.


All of these benefits, and more, will help to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply send Dean a message, via the 'contact form' page of this web site and let Dean know whether you would like individual sessions or a course of three sessions. Dean will contact you to book you in.  See the main menu for the link to the 'Prices and Online Shop' page.

For Confidential Support:

You can reach Dean on:

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