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If you have an interest in my work, my experience or my opinion and you would like to invite me to take part in an event, or you would like me to write an article, please contact me using the 'Contact Form' page of this web site.


I have experience of taking part in film and television productions, I have had articles published and I have taken part in a wide range of public speaking activities.


I will be happy to discuss an event with you and I will advise you of my fees; according to the nature of the event.


Articles Published

  • February 2015: The Natural Health Centre Newsletter: Interview with me about my background and my services.
  • January 2014: The Eagle Magazine: Article about how my services support Military Veterans.
  • September 2005: London Drug & Alcohol Network User News Magazine: Interview with me about the benefits of Service User involvement at both strategic level and treatment delivery level.
  • June 2003: Croydon Guardian Newspaper: Article by me addressing issues of discrimination and Hate crime.
  • January 2003: Croydon Advertiser Newspaper: Interview with me about my role in supporting and counselling victims of discrimination and Hate Crime.

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