Frequently Asked Questions about Counselling and Psychotherapy

How Does Therapy Begin?


Your first appointment will be an 'Introductory Assessment' session.  This is an informal process whereby you will have the opportunity to get to know me, to ask me any questions and to tell me a little about what you wish to gain from therapy.  


For me, the 'Introductory Assessment' session is my chance to get to know you, to understand your needs and to hear your reasons for coming to therapy.  I will also have the chance to ask you a few questions and to assess which type of therapy will be most helpful for you.


Then, if you decide that you would like to progress into full Counselling or Psychotherapy, I will book your next appointment with you.  


I will not tell you what you should be counselled upon.  I will listen to you and we will work together to identify the key issues that you feel are important.  I will also introduce the first stages of therapy, which will give you a 'taster' of how I work.


How Does Therapy Progress? 


Therapy will take place at your own natural pace but it can be useful to build in some 'milestones' to reach along the way.  Don't worry if you feel unsure about what your aims or needs are; my role will be to help you to work that out.  


How Does a Counsellor or Psychotherapist Work?


As your therapist, my role is to help you explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions around the issues that are important to you.  I will not judge you, for I am here to help you.  I will use my skills and knowledge to guide you.


I will use my skills to help you identify your options, to help you find your answers and to help you decide upon a course of action.  I will help you reflect over things and to put things in perspective.  I will help you to identify your goals and I will support you towards achieving them. 


What is Therapy Like?


The therapy provided will be an 'integrated' mix of different therapies.  This means that you will benefit from my ability to draw upon the most appropriate therapeutic methods, from a variety of therapeutic disciplines, that will best meet your needs. 


As much as therapy can be challenging, it can equally be enjoyable and rewarding.  It can often be that with somebody who is impartial, who is not connected to our lives, we can talk the most openly, freely and honestly about ourselves and the experience of living our lives.


How Long Do Sessions Last?


Each session will last for 50 minutes.  


As you progress towards the completion of your sessions, I will work with you to ensure that you have a safe and satisfactory ending to therapy.  This will involve reflecting over what has been achieved in previous sessions and considering whether there are any issues you may wish to explore in the future; either within further sessions or in your own personal time.  I also place a strong emphasis on how to 'maintain' the positive changes that have been achieved.


What Happens When Therapy Finishes?  


Some people will not want to come back to therapy, once they have completed their course of sessions.  For others, it may be useful to come back to therapy to explore a completely different issue.  


I also provide Aftercare Counselling; this is a reduced frequency of counselling, usually monthly, which offers a chance for a client to meet me to explore progress, to ensure that longer term goals are achieved and to address any of life's new difficulties that may arise in the months after completing a course of therapy.  This can be helpful in 'maintaining' positive changes.  


There is no right or wrong course of action.  If you decide that further counselling on a new subject, or Aftercare Counselling, will be of use after you have completed your programme, you will be most welcome to return for further sessions.


At the end of therapy, I will ask you if you will be kind enough to provide a very brief 'testimonial'; a paragraph as a reference, about your experience of my Counselling or Psychotherapy services.  You will not be under any obligation to provide a testimonial, but it can be helpful to those who are considering therapy, to see how it has benefited others.



 Please feel free to contact me for further information. 



For Confidential Support:

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Your Views

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