Individual Therapy

This is where Counselling or Psychotherapy is provided to one individual Client. A trained, qualified Counsellor or Psychotherapist will offer a safe and confidential environment within a comfortable setting, in one-to-one therapy sessions.


Individual Counselling or Psychotherapy offers the Client an opportunity to explore issues that are causing difficulty.


The focus of the Counsellor or Psychotherapist will often be to help the Client to develop self-awareness, the key skills required to overcome the difficulty and support towards achieving any aims or goals that the Client is working toward.


The difficulty that the Client is experiencing may be about his / her own thoughts, feelings, behaviours or experiences or it may be related to the actions, behaviours or experiences of someone else.  The difficulty may be rooted in the past, being experienced in the present or it may be an anxiety based upon a possible future event.  Whatever is triggering the difficulty, the Counsellor or Psychotherapist's role is to support and guide the Client towards positive change and solutions.


The Client will experience the dedicated support of the Counsellor or Psychotherapist who will be focusing on the needs of the Client and who will help the Client to achieve perspective, objectivity, empowerment and self-belief.


Whether a Client undertakes shorter-term Counselling or longer-term Psychotherapy, there is often a sense of relief in being able to share a private burden or difficulty with a trained professional.  





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