Group Therapy

Many Clients will often express a fear of going into a group situation but, as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, I have seen many benefits for Clients who participate in Group Therapy.


Group Therapy sessions are usually conducted around a common theme among a group of people; for example, a group where Clients all have an experience of bereavement, trying to lose weight or of drug and alcohol problems.


The benefit of a common theme is that there is also potential for the group to be psycho-educational; in that the Counsellor or Psychotherapist may include wider teaching exercises and materials to support the therapeutic work taking place.


Often, Group Therapy can be found in residential treatment settings but it is increasingly common for groups to be held in general communal venues where Counsellors and Psychotherapists can provide a large room.


In Group Therapy, the Counsellor or Psychotherapist will be supporting several people in one sitting.  The Counsellor or Psychotherapist will have the advantage of observing how a Client interacts with other people; giving a greater insight into any potential communication, cognitive functioning and social anxiety issues.  


Clients tell me that they benefit from knowing they are not alone in their difficulty; that others are having / have had a shared experience.  They also report to me that this offers the opportunity to learn from how others cope and helps increase self-esteem by also, in turn, helping others. There can also be some useful 'role modelling' that takes place within a group and Clients tell me they gain a better perspective of where they are in their own personal journey, by making a comparison to others.


There are other benefits from Group therapy; for example, the cost of therapy is spread wider and so each person may only need to pay a small fee, compared to what they might otherwise pay for Individual Counselling or Psychotherapy.


A group will also be tasked with setting boundaries, rules and identifying objectives. This can be helpful to an individual Client that might feel uncertain, lost or confused.  The encouragement of other Clients contributes to increased self-esteem and hopefulness.  In some cases, new friendships are formed.


If you know people with a common experience to your own and you feel that you would like to form a group, please contact me and I will be happy to invite your group in for Counselling or Psychotherapy.


Alternatively, if you would like me to arrange a group on a particular theme or experience, please let me know what you would like the group to focus on and which of my clinics you would be interested in me running the group from.


If you are an organisation and you would like me to provide Group Therapy to your own Clients, Staff or Customers; please contact me with a brief of your needs and details of whether you would wish to attend my clinics or for me to attend your premises and I will come back to you.



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