Family Therapy

Families are a system.  Each person plays a part in that system and if one of them is not in harmony with the rest, there can be consequences to how well that system functions.


We all experience difficulties in our families, at one time or another.  When one member of a family is in difficulty; whether that be emotionally, in behaviour or in terms of physical or mental health, then there cannot only be an impact upon that individual, but also on those close to him / her.


Sometimes the difficulties are external to us; they may be circumstances, events or situations that we find ourselves in.  Not feeling in control or able to resolve external issues can cause genuine distress and considerable consequences for a family.


The role of a Counsellor or Psychotherapist is to bring a family together and to help 'the cogs' function well and in harmony so that the wider family, the 'machine or system' starts to perform well again.


In my role, I often help families to improve communication, to learn each other’s viewpoint and values, to help each family member to feel able to express themselves and their needs, to identify the strengths within the family and to bring about positive change by helping a family to help itself and the individual family members, 'the cogs' within it.


Over a number of weeks, a family can learn or regain the key skills required to function well and to become solution-focused, supportive of each other and helpful to each other.

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