Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling, also known as Relationship Counselling, is where a trained and qualified Counsellor or Psychotherapist provides therapy to a couple.  The couple may be mixed-sex or same-sex, civil partners, married or unmarried.  Equal treatment will be provided.  Couples counselling is an opportunity for a rewarding process of safe exploration.  The aim being to help both members of the couple to communicate their difficulty, to explore options and potential solutions and to find their answers; whether that results in the couple agreeing to remain together or, in some cases, to part.

The role of the Counsellor or Psychotherapist is to offer a safe space, confidential support, a comfortable environment, impartiality, boundaries and safe guidance through the process of exploring the difficulties being experienced by one or both members of the couple.  

Initially, I work with each member of the couple individually for a few sessions, concurrently.  This enables each partner to disclose their own experience, perspective and belief and it offers a safe space in which to vent the more heightened emotions.  I also gain insight into how each individual feels affected and impacted while exploring with each person, what they think, feel, want and need. 


I spend a little time preparing each member of the couple, for how the couples sessions will work.  This involves exploring communication methods and ways to avoid creating additional conflict; making couples counselling a safe and respectful process. 


Then, I bring the couple together and we agree the mutual goals of each party; looking at what they would like to achieve individually, and together, from the process.  


Couples Counselling can be a wonderful learning process and, something that surprises many of my clients, it can be fun at times and enlightening.  

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