What is Aftercare Counselling?

Aftercare Counselling is a form of counselling support.  It is optional and is offered to people who may have been through medical treatment or counselling therapy already (whether with me or with another practitioner) and who wish to receive ongoing therapeutic support, on a less frequent basis; to help them maintain their achievements, to help them continue with their recovery or to just talk through any further difficulties or challenges that life might present.


Typically, a client will come to me for Aftercare Counselling on a monthly basis. The session is the usual 50 minute session and it offers an opportunity to reflect upon progress, to ensure stability and to work through any further matters that arise after treatment.


Many clients say that Aftercare Counselling helps provide a sense of safety and certainty. Sometimes, completing medical treatment or counselling therapy can leave people faced with a whole new way of living.  Aftercare Counselling is a way to ensure that ongoing therapeutic support, guidance and care are available and this delivers peace of mind to those who are taking steps forward into a new way of life.   This is about 'maintaining' positive change.


For more details, please contact me by telephone or via the 'Contact Form' page on this site.  I will be happy to explain.


For Confidential Support:

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