Record Keeping Audit

Ensuring that your clinical record keeping will stand up to scrutiny, is an important aspect of being a Counsellor or Psychotherapist.  


There may be situations in which your clinical notes and treatment plans may be required by a Court of Law.  Would they stand up to scrutiny?  It may be that you work for an agency that is audited by a professional body; such as the Care Quality Commission, for example.  You may also be required to comply with legislation such as the Data Protection Act.  You may be seeking to evidence, to your own Clinical Supervisor and/or Accrediting Body, that you are taking your record keeping seriously and that you maintain a consistent good standard of record keeping.


These are just a few examples of why it can be helpful, and educational, to commission the audit of your clinical notes; including treatment plans.


In my roles as a Clinical Supervisor, Auditor and Consultant, I have been commissioned to conduct numerous audits on clinical records over the years.  I have also worked in roles within Local Government and the NHS in which I managed teams and consulted on policy in relation to conducting clinical audits. 


With a signed agreement between us, in which I will commit to ensuring the confidentiality of your Clients and / or staff, I would offer you my clinical auditing service once or twice per year; or to any frequency that meets your needs.


I would work through an agreed selection of your clinical notes and treatment plans and I would then write up a report offering you feedback about any changes to your record keeping practices that may be required as well as offering feedback on the nature, efficacy and appropriateness of your evidenced clinical interventions.  I would highlight areas where I consider training or professional development needs to exist.  I would, of course, also highlight where I find evidence of good practices and expertise.


If you are an agency and are routinely audited by an Accrediting or Governing body, I can design my own audit as a means of preparing you for your imminent audit by the Accrediting or Governing body. This will give you insight to know if you and your team/s is/are on track and working in line with minimal requirements.


If you are an independent Counsellor or Psychotherapist, my feedback will also help to inform your training needs. 


In order to purchase this service, I will need to agree with you the number of hours that will be involved. For an independent Counsellor or Psychotherapist, three hours is usually sufficient for the audit; including one hour for the writing of the report.


To purchase this service, simply view the page on this website entitled 'Therapy Services Shop' and select the drop down box entitled 'Clinical Supervision Shop'.  Then, simply select this option:


'Record Keeping Audit'


Then, choose the number of hours we have agreed, in total, to make your purchase.  I can provide Purchase Order Numbers and invoices, where necessary.


A Concession Rate is available to Students who are studying towards their Counselling or Psychotherapy Qualified status.


Please contact me if you would like any further information or if you wish to discuss this.








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