My Values

I have been an advocate for equal rights and an end to discrimination in the UK, throughout my career.  I have worked in roles where I have supported and counselled victims of hate crimes and I have gone on to work for Local Governments in London and Suffolk, where I have helped design services that support, provide counselling and advocate for victims of hate crimes.  I have also represented Croydon Council's Equalities Unit at the Association of London Government; consulting and designing policy and legislation for Equality & Diversity best practices.  


I believe that all people should be treated fairly and that services should do all that is reasonable and possible, to ensure that all people can have equal access to services and treatment on offer.


I adhere to the following legislated principles:


The Equality Act 2010 (and subsequent updates)


Most of the provisions of the new Equality Act came in to force in October 2010. The new public equality duty in section 149 of the Act was brought into effect on 6 April 2011.  


Other provisions will be coming in at later dates to allow people and organisations time to prepare for the changes.  It will bring about a single legal framework, providing clearer, streamlined law that is more effective at tackling disadvantage and discrimination.


Protected Characteristics:


Discrimination law protects us from being treated less favourably because of certain characteristics. These are known as protected characteristics.  They are listed below.



Gender reassignment
Marriage and civil partnership
Pregnancy and maternity
Religion or Belief
Sexual Orientation


(Source: Suffolk County Council).


You can be assured that I will always seek to offer fair access to my service and that the principles of Equality and Diversity legislation are fully embedded into the culture of the services that I provide.


If you have any questions, or if you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me by telephone or via the 'Contact Form' page of this web site.

For Confidential Support:

You can reach Dean on:

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Your Views

Thank you for visiting my web site. I am always interested to hear your views and ideas about how I may further develop this site and my services.  Please feel free to phone me or to contact me via the 'Contact Form' page, with your suggestions and feedback.

Thank you,

Dean Parsons. 

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